How to Break 90 on the Scorecard

how to break 90 on scorecard golf

The First Barrier for Many Golfers is 90 Golf is a difficult sport to master. A perfect score would be 18 strokes. A hole-in-one on every hole (which we know is impossible due to the sheer length of Par 5’s). However, the first real accomplishment for many golfers is to “break 90” on the scorecard.…

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Lower Your Golf Score by 3 Strokes Quickly

golfer keeping track of their score using score card

Regardless of your skill level or your handicap, if you are a golfer, you are always looking to find ways to lower your score. Unfortunately, there is not some magic pill you can take or trick that we can give you to do that. But the good news is, if you focus on just ONE…

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How to Find Your Perfect Putter Style

golfer getting ready to swing with putter

How to Find Your Perfect Putter Style Putting can be a very frustrating part of any golfers game. It is generally the shortest distance the ball will have to travel, yet it takes some great feel, skill, finesse, and green reading ability. But one of the first things to consider is your weapon. In this…

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How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing in 4 Key Steps

the perfect golf swing posture

What Would You Consider the Perfect Golf Swing? Golf is an extremely complicated game. While it is both beautiful and wonderful it can also be frustrating. The mechanics of the golf swing alone have been enough to keep people away from the game. Which is why we cover how to achieve the perfect golf swing…

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How to Add 10 Yards to Your Drive

improving driver swing

When it comes to the game of golf, there is nothing more satisfying – or impressive – than taking out your driver and crushing it down the middle of the fairway. It feels powerful, impressive, and it sets you up for your next shot. So it is no surprise that almost every golfer would like…

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